Do Tanning Tablets Make You Lose or Gain Weight and Can they Cause Water Retention?

As with many side effects of tanning tablets, the possibility of weight loss or gain is purely down
to what ingredients are in the tablets.

Ingredients such as beta-carotene and canthaxanthin are used in several food products and contain animal fats which may cause you to gain weight. The tablets that contain ingredients, such as copper, PABA, and L-Tyrosine are much safer options and cause fewer side effects.

There have even been cases of people reporting weight loss whilst taking tanning tablets as they have found that they feel fuller quicker, so they act as a kind of an appetite suppressant.

It is a recommendation whilst taking tanning tablets to take water alongside them. The
combination of both has been known to cause a lovely glow and really hydrated complexion.

The fact that water is encouraged and the pills have a positive effect on those taking them,
indicates clearly that tanning tablets don’t cause water retention. Whilst conducting research I
could find no evidence, whatsoever, of any cases of anybody suffering from water retention.

Leg of a person suffering from water retention

The majority of the evidence and cases so far of people using tanning tablets indicates largely towards positive outcomes. As with anything, taking tanning tablets should be approached with knowledge and caution.

Seek any advice needed prior to taking them and do your research on the ingredients. Most tablets contain some kind of side effects, however, these are often very rare. Water retention and weight gain don’t seem to be among any side effects associated with these particular tablets.