Do Tanning Pills Dehydrate You?

There are many over the counter medicines and supplements that contain ingredients that may
cause dehydration as they act as a diuretic.

Others may contain ingredients that make you more sensitive to the sun and heat, which can also lead to dehydration. There is, however, no evidence to suggest that tanning tablets cause dehydration.

Within the research, for this article, there was not one account of any of the tanning tablets
that we provide causing any form of dehydration, in fact, it could be argued that the opposite is

It is a well-known fact that sun exposure is very damaging to the skin. Also too much heat
can cause dehydration so the use of tanning tablets can actually prevent this and provide a much
safer alternative.

As with any supplements or medication, there may be some mild side effects, so the
consumer should always read the label first and seek any medical advice prior to taking any of
these tablets.

Pouring water in a glass

If used with caution then tanning tablets can definitely provide a safer alternative
to sun exposure. No matter what you take, always remember to keep hydrated with water no
matter what.