Do Tanning Tablets Cause Stomach Cramp?

Tans are as fashionable in this day and age as the latest trends in shoes and clothing. Due to this recent phenomenon many people are taking tanning tablets as a safer option to sunbeds or
spending time in the sun.

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But Do Tanning Pills Cause Stomach Cramps?

One of the side effects often associated with tanning tablets is stomach cramps, however,
if you look at the list of side effects on any medication or supplement then stomach cramps will
often be present.

Warnings have to be given for legal reasons, but the side effects often depend on the ingredients present and also on the individual health of the person.

When taking any new supplement it is sensible to seek advice from a health professional
or pharmacy.

Our tanning tablets, however, contain the ingredients Copper, PABA and L-tyrosine. These ingredients are some of the safest and are often included in food products that people consume daily.

The tablets containing these ingredients are safe if you take the right dose. The correct dose is no higher than 12 grams a day, if you exceed this then you might develop some side effects.

Tanning tablets that contain beta carotene are not as safe as other tablets and are more
likely to cause side effects such as stomach cramps.

A woman sitting on bed and holding her stomach due to cramps

Although beta carotene isn’t unsafe in low doses, too much of it can lead to a condition called carotenemia, which causes side effects and can cause the skin to develop a yellowish/orange tinge.

To summarise, the evidence suggests that you don’t have to throw away the tanning tablets just yet, or join the pale skin brigade like myself. If taken carefully, with the right ingredients and in the right doses then tanning tablets should not cause any problems.

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