Can Tanning Tablets be Taken Alongside CBD Oil?

Research suggests that there is pretty much little to no evidence that suggests that it is not safe to take tanning tablets alongside CBD oil.

person holding a white and brown cbd oil bottleThere are even several tanning tablets out there that actually contain CBD oil.

Individual Health

As with most things the health of a particular individual should be considered when
taking any form of medication or supplement.

You should really seek guidance from your Doctor before taking anything in relation to your health. For example, somebody with liver problems should be careful when using CBD oil.

Having said that, a healthy person should be perfectly fine taking the two.

A Healthy Individual

I can find no research, whatsoever, claiming that it is unsafe for somebody with no prior
health conditions should not take tanning tablets with CBD oil.

On the contrary, CBD has many benefits to a person’s health and tanning tablets with the right ingredients are safe so a person should check the ingredients first.

Tanning tablets that contain the ingredients Copper, PABA, and L-tyrosine are safe tablets and can be taken alongside CBD oil with no issues. Our own Rio tanning pills use these three safe ingredients.

Hemp Oil and the Skin

The only main issue that I could find in relation to CBD oil is more related to vanity.

Hemp oil has a tendency to clog up the pores of the skin, so this combined with tanning
tablets that contain colouring agents might lead to an increase of spots on the skin.
This can, however, be counteracted by a skin routine that reduces oily skin.


As previously stated the evidence suggests that it is perfectly safe for somebody to take
tanning tablets alongside CBD oil, and there might even be some benefits. As with most things, if unsure then seek some reassurance from your doctor first.