Should I Stay Out of the Sun if Using Tanning Pills?

Taking tanning tablets makes little difference to your exposure to the sun compared to
when you don’t take the tablets.

woman laying on sand near rock formation

This, however, does not mean that it is explicitly safe or unsafe to do so. Many factors including the ingredients in the tablets, your natural skin tone, and time in the sun and exposure to UV rays all play a part.

Ingredients in Tanning Tablets

Any of the tanning tablets that include the ingredients Copper, PABA, and L-tyrosine are
relatively safe and good ingredients so there will be no extra risks to taking these pills.

Some of the less than ideal ingredients will include Beta Carotene and other colouring
agents, which can be slightly harmful.

Sunbathing and Skin tone

As stated above, it is generally safe to go in the sun whilst taking certain tablets,
however, some of the risks may involve an individual’s current body type and colouring.

women laying on grass and taking sunbath
It is already a known fact that those with fair skin, who are prone to moles and freckles
are at a higher risk of developing skin-related illnesses than those with darker skin tone.

A pale person, who has been taking tanning tablets might be mistaken for thinking that
their darker complexion now makes it safer for them to be exposed to the sun.

This could prove to be risky, so it is really down to the sensibility of the individual and for
them to have an awareness of their body.

So is it Safe?

The evidence suggests that with the right ingredients it is safe to take tanning tablets.
Regarding sunbathing whilst taking these tablets, there is little evidence to suggest that
it is any more or less risky than usual.

Sitting in the sun for too long, no matter what, is risky anyway, even without tablets, so people should approach this with the same caution.

The positive of taking tanning tablets is that it will discourage people from sitting in the sun too long, resulting in less damage to the skin.

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