A strange but reasonable question that sometimes comes up is whether tanning tablets work on people with red hair. The short answer is, of course, yes, there is absolutely no reason why tan tablets would be any less effective on people with red hair. But it can be useful to learn which aspects can make a difference in how well a tanning tablet works for you.

a picture of a female who has red hair and has tanned skin

Tanning is a process that affects people in different ways. Redheads tend to have certain genetics which makes their skin more prone to burning in the sun. They usually tend to have pale skin, which contributes to a faster tanning process, and an increased risk of sunburns.

The reason why redheads tend to tan faster than those with darker hair is that they naturally produce less melanin. This causes them to tan faster, however, it also carries an increased risk of skin inflammation which reduces their tolerance to sunlight.

People who have darker skin, tend to make less more cells, which means they tan slower, and tend to tolerate the sun better. However, regardless of skin type, it is important to always wear appropriate sunscreen. This protects your skin from potentially harmful UV rays.

The major benefit of tanning tablets is that they do not expose your skin to harmful UV rays. Another key benefit is that these tablets can be effective for people of all skin types. The tanning process can vary considerably when in the sun as everyone has different levels of melanin.

a picture of a red haired woman that uses tanning pills

However, tanning pills are very effective for all shades of skin, and all colours of hair. This makes them a great alternative when compared to tanning in the sun. It also carries less risk, when compared to tanning beds. There is no UV exposure whatsoever when using pills.

Overall, tanning tablets will work effectively on people of every ethnicity, race, skin colour and yes even hair. This will be good news to hear for those redheads who want to get their tan on.

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