Taking any kind of pill can have potential side effects, be that to your appearance or to your health.

However, taking the right kind of pill can prevent these side effects. As previously stated, tanning pills containing Copper, PABA, and L-Tyrosine are safe and you shouldn’t worry about experiencing any vomiting or sickness.

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The ingredients included in safe pills are actually antioxidants and when taken in the correct doses, can actually benefit your health and prevent sickness and other ailments.

This is why it is important to take the recommended amount, as incorrect dosage could cause minor health issues, as with any pill or supplement.

Before buying any tanning pills you should check your own allergies, as not all pills have the same ingredients and can react with your body in different ways.

What is important is that you don’t use the other ingredient variety that includes Beta-carotene as this is often what gives tanning pills their bad reputation.

Though this ingredient is fine in small doses, to get the bronzing effects of tanning pills you have to take the pills very regularly. Because of this regularity, you can feel negative effects, including vomiting.

As previously stated, if you use the recommended variety of pill, you won’t experience any vomiting or sickness.

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In fact, the use of pills will make you less likely to experience sickness than other tanning methods. If you were to try and achieve a tan naturally, you would not only be subjected to aged skin, but you could also get burns, sunstroke or heat exhaustion.

All of which can commonly cause nausea and vomiting. Using spray-on tans can also cause illness, as you are continuously exposed to a number of chemicals that are often sprayed as close as your face.

Of course with the use of sunbeds, there comes the risk of several illnesses like cancer. So if illness is something you want to avoid, the current tanning pills may be your best option.

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