One of the most appealing things about having a glowing tan is how healthy it can make your skin appear, but many speculate that the use of tanning tablets may cause a flare-up of acne, is this really the case?

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The risk of potentially getting acne is what makes some people less inclined to try tanning supplements, but what is not widely known is the effect that regular tanning can do.

Many people believe that using sunbeds can help clear your skin and this is quite true, in the short term.

UV radiation dries out your skin, so when you begin tanning you will notice a lack of oil on your skin, which encourages a decrease in acne.

After even a few sessions your skin will become so dry that your body will overcompensate and produce a large amount of oil that could cause even more severe acne.

Tanning pills do not have these drying effects, in fact, they have ingredients that could even clear your skin.

The most commonly used tanning pills use L-tyrosine as one of the primary ingredients. Not only does it give you a good gradual tan, but it is also known to be beneficial for your skin.

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Lots of people even apply it directly to their skin to try and combat wrinkles. Because this helps your body naturally produce more melanin, you receive a layer of protection that will stop the UV from drying out your skin and causing acne.

Another main ingredient of popular tanning tablets is Copper. This will not lead to the development or aggravation of acne and once again can be beneficial to your skin.

Copper in healthcare is known to even minimise breakouts and also has anti-inflammatory benefits. Copper also helps with wrinkles as it boosts your natural production of Collagen.

Once again, it is mostly just hear say that tanning pills can aggravate or cause acne. It is important to note that everyone’s body reacts differently to different supplements, so if you start to notice any skin issues, stop taking the pills right away.

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