Tanning Injection Dangers

Looking bronzed and beautiful is not worth risking your health for, so it’s not surprising that many people are looking for alternatives than baking in the sun.

With all the dangers associated with the exposure to UV rays, it’s understandable to assume that other options such as tanning injections are the safer choice, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Here’s a closer look at tanning injections and the dangers they represent.tanning-injections

What are tanning injections?

Tanning injections work by using a peptide to stimulate the same process of tanning that occurs naturally within the body.

In normal circumstances, exposing the skin to UV rays releases a substance known as melanin. This is what darkens the skin and helps the skin to protect itself against damage from further UV rays.

Injecting this special peptide kick starts this same process without the need to roast in the sun, and allows individuals who don’t normally tan to get a golden colour.

Sounds great?

tanning-injectionThis might sound like a great idea in theory but the problem is that it’s not been passed as medically safe to use.

In fact, some experts are warning that the peptide could trigger a chain reaction in moles which increases the risk of cancer developing, one of the same things that UV rays cause.

Psychological and emotional changes have also been noted including panic attacks, anxiety, depression, lethargy and low mood. It’s not yet known whether these effects can be attributed solely to the tanning injections but it appears to be a real risk for some individuals.

On a more serious note, the question of potential brain dysfunction and kidney failure have also been raised.

Any other concerns

Aside from the safety of the injection contents, there’s also the dangers associated with having to inject yourself.

Not everyone will be comfortable with this idea but these peptides cannot be absorbed by the body orally leaving injection the only option.

If you are going to inject yourself, it’s vital you use clean and sterile equipment to prevent an infection. You will also need to learn the proper technique to avoid getting sore spots or localized tenderness and swelling.

Not a risk worth taking

Although tanning injections can deliver a good tan, they’ve not been approved for use in countries such as Australia, the US and the UK. Many experts recommend that they are withdrawn from sale and that a license is not granted. With so many other tanning options such as tablets and self tan creams, tanning injections really aren’t worth the risk.