When looking to purchase a sunbed or home tanning system it is vital to find a trustworthy supplier, whether you are looking to buy brand new or reconditioned, you should buy from someone with knowledge of the industry and excellent customer care.

a top of the range tanning bed that is empty but turned on

With using tanning beds being quite a complex process, a good supplier should be insistent on providing you with all the information you need to safely use and get good results from the sunbed.

Points that sunbed suppliers should be informing you about before allowing you to make the purchase include – installation, directions for use, health and safety, recognising potential faults, aftercare and maintaining your sunbed.

It is important that you are able to operate the tanning system to a professional standard so that you can achieve a safe and healthy tan.

Suppliers should have full accreditation and licenses for the sale of sunbed equipment and should have no problem with showing their credentials to you upon request.

You can make sure you are buying from a trustworthy retailer by doing some of your own background research before you go ahead with buying your tanning system.

In this day and age a good sunbed retailer will have an internet presence either through external review pages or their own websites, here you will be able to see customer feedback and information regarding the companies products and credibility to aid you in choosing the correct supplier for your tanning needs.

Brand New or Reconditioned?

Brand New

Buying a brand new sunbed is a big commitment to take on, it involves a lot of upkeep and is initially extremely expensive. However, if you are a regular sunbed user then eventually it would become more cost-effective to own your own bed rather than renting them in a tanning salon.

There is a valid argument both for and against purchasing a brand new sunbed, it is a question of whether you would make good use of the purchase or if you would be more suited to visiting a tanning salon.



Buying brand new normally means that you get some form of warranty with the sunbed, this means that should you experience any faults or issues you will be entitled to get the system repaired, replaced or refunded.

a new tanning bed

As well as a warranty as you are buying a new and unused product it is likely to last longer than the older devices, although a brand new sunbed can be on the pricier side you could argue that you get what you pay for.


Having your own sunbed allows you to achieve a tanned look whilst in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to wait for an appointment to become available and being able to top up your tan as and when you please is definitely a plus.

With the convenience of owning your own tanning system at home, you can keep on top of your tan and maintain it throughout the year.

Up To Date Experience

Buying brand new is a great way of getting the most up to date sunbed experience. As opposed to buying a reconditioned sunbed which is going to be older, buying brand new means that you are getting the newest tanning technology on the market.

New technology is being developed every day and this also applies to the tanning industry with new features like stronger, safer UV rays being implemented into the mainstream kits.

More Cost-Effective In The Long Run

Although the initial expense may be a little steep, once you have used the bed enough times the amount of money you would have spent going to a tanning salon will equate to the one-time payment of the sunbed.

Obviously you will have to be sure that you are actually going to get your money’s worth before making such a big purchase, but if you are a regular sunbed user then you could end up saving money in the long run.


With the brand new sunbed models, you will find that they are generally under a pretty good warranty. This means that should there be anything wrong with the sunbed you will be able to either get free repairs or a refund.

This helps to provide security in the fact that you won’t be left in the lurch if anything bad was to happen.

(Bear in mind that warranties do eventually run out, check with your supplier before purchase how long you are covered for).


Expensive Initial Payment

There is no denying that the initial expense for a brand new sunbed can be costly, although you will eventually be saving money paying for a sunbed in brand new condition could be considered too much to spend, especially for somebody who isn’t a regular user.

Buying a brand new sunbed isn’t for everyone and because of the large initial payment you may be more inclined to purchase either a reconditioned device or stick to visiting the salon.

Have To Know What You’re Doing

Safety is key when it comes to owning a sunbed, it is vital that you know exactly what you are doing and how to recognise if there is something wrong with the system.

As long as you follow the correct procedures there is nothing to worry about, it is just a lot of responsibility to take on as it can be very dangerous when used incorrectly.


Owning your own sunbed can lead you to be tempted to use it more often than you should, overusing the sunbeds leads to overexposure of UV rays and can result in dangerous skin issues and even cancer.

It is very important to remember to stick to the safety guidelines set by the retailer you bought from in order to be safe whilst you tan.


A reconditioned sunbed is a second-hand tanning system that has been refurbished to a professional standard. These tanning systems offer users the same experience of home tanning but at a more affordable price point.

a reconditioned model

Although you may not get all of the newer features with a reconditioned device, they have been tested and refurbished to ensure they are without fault and that your tanning experience is not affected by the lower price.

These reconditioned sunbeds would be great for somebody who wants the convenience of having a sunbed in their home but is not prepared to foot the bill of a brand new model.


More Reasonable Price Point

Due to the fact that these tanning beds are reconditioned, older models are available at a more competitive price. For somebody who doesn’t want to spend so much money on a brand new sunbed, or even somebody who uses these tanning systems more casually is able to save money on what can be a very expensive commodity.

Just because a reconditioned sunbed is slightly older, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the performance will be worse than a brand new device, reconditioned sunbeds go through extensive testing and refurbishment to work as if it was brand new, which makes for great value for money.

Works To The Same Standard As Brand New

As previously mentioned reconditioned sunbeds go through extensive health and safety testing to ensure that they are working correctly and in a saleable condition.

Although they are likely to be older models, the rigorous testing these tanning systems go through in order to pass strict health and safety requirements means that you can be sure you are getting a safe and efficient sunbed.

Getting The Positives Of Owning Your Own Sunbeds (Just For a Lower Price)

There are many positives to owning your own sunbed (brand new or reconditioned) including convenience, saving money in the long run, and for regular users, you are able to keep on top of your tan without having to book an appointment.

The fact that you can get this for a lower price point without serious hindrance to the performance or tanning results is a great point to consider before making a purchase.


May Not Come With a Long Warranty

When buying a reconditioned sunbed it is likely that you will not have as long a warranty as you would if you bought a brand new sunbed.

a fully tested second hand model

A reconditioned sunbed has a larger usage history, because of this, it is more susceptible to damages and issues that occur because it is an older device. As it is older suppliers may not provide a long warranty because it has a shorter expected lifespan.

More Susceptible To Wear and Tear

Because a reconditioned sunbed is more likely to have a shorter lifespan than a brand new one, it is more likely to show its age through potential faults and damage.

Although they do go through extensive testing in terms of health and safety and the sunbeds functionality, because it is older you may see more wear and tear over time compared to a brand new one.

Lacks The Up To Date Features

With the tanning industry constantly going through new developments and change, the newer sunbeds are coming out with new features like safer and more effective UV rays.

Buying a reconditioned sunbed means that your setup may not include the most up to date features, this doesn’t mean that the performance is any worse but it is something to consider if you are someone who cares about getting the newest product.

Final Thoughts

For anyone looking to buy a sunbed, I hope that this has been of some help to you. In due time we will investigate and find the leading sunbed suppliers in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, for our readers, and publish our findings here.

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