Which is Best? Spray Tans or Tanning Tablets?

Today there are a variety of ways to acquire a suntan, some of which are safe, and others that are not.  Some tanning techniques are effective while others not so much.  Many people today give favour to tanning tablets and spray tans more so than other tanning techniques since the majority of these people feel the side effects or risks are minimal with these two tanning techniques.

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We are all fully aware of the fact that tanning in the direct UV rays of the sun is extremely dangerous and presents many serious risks.  Such has been the case with tanning beds as well since they, in fact, utilize the same type of dangerous UV rays in the lighting in tanning beds.

In addition, many of the tanning creams, oils and gels produce unnatural looking tans, orange in colour, and can also pose other risk factors as well.  With all this said, studies have revealed that most people prefer the use of spray tans or tanning pills as their primary resource for acquiring an all-natural suntanned body.

Today research has revealed that spray tanning is fast becoming a favoured resource for tanning and is growing in popularity every day.  Fairly inexpensive, going into a professional salon where your body is sprayed from head to toes resulting in a beautiful bronzed skin tone. This technique is far less harmful and indeed a whole lot less time consuming than basking in extremely hot UV rays of the sun or baking yourself in tanning beds time and time again.

People have found that the procedure itself, the cost, the results achieved and indeed the lack of risk factors make spray tans a truly effective and safe tanning resource all year round.

tanning pills user

On the other hand, many people today have found extreme favour in the use of tanning pills.  It does not get much easier than consuming the appropriate dose of pills each day and disciplining yourself to do so.  The results achieved by tanning pills are amazing and again, like spray tans, they afford no real risk factors or complications.

The majority of tanning pills available on the market today contain organic, all natural ingredients that are not only safe and effective but are FDA approved as well.  These simple tan tanning pills contain ingredients that blend with the Melanin in your own body to produce pigmentation that results in varying levels of bronzed suntanned skin.

Yes, people everywhere are all about sporting a tanned body year round and especially during the hot summer months.  Studies tell us that the two most popular resources for acquiring your perfect tan are definitely pills and spray tans.

Both tanning techniques have proven to be successful and both, again, present with no real side effects or risk factors.  If you are like the thousands of people who are so committed to a suntanned look, then these two techniques are the most beneficial form of tanning available today.

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Yes, people are still going to lay out and bake themselves in the direct sunlight, and many will continue to use tanning beds and sun tanning lamps, but surely the results they achieve over time may be attractive on the surface but may present serious complications in the years to come.

Why not trust an effective, safe and proven successful method of sun tanning and one that is every bit affordable.  Choose either spray tans or tanning pills and enjoy the benefits of your suntanned body without any of the risks or complications.