Everyone can agree that there is nothing better than a natural tan. You escape the orange hue that comes with spray-on tan, as well as all the other additional issues of spray-on tans like: the smell, the application, and the mess.

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Unless you’re on holiday, you never know how much time you’ll get in the sun and if you want a nice bronzed tan, it’s a good idea to use methods to achieve your tan goals faster. Here is how to tan faster in the sun.

Tanning Oils

Tanning oils are popular for those of us that struggle to catch the sun on nice days. Tanning oils work by focusing on the direction that UV rays travel towards the skin from the sun.

The oils intensify the rays and help your body produce melanin faster. Melanin is what makes your skin appear darker and will also protect it while you lounge in the sun.

A lot of tanning oil comes with SPF, so make sure you look for a brand that has your skin’s safety in mind. We recommend that you use oils with natural ingredients as they are more likely to nourish and moisturise your skin.

What is important to remember when you are using these oils is that reapplying is very important. As an oil, this will absorb into your skin a little harder than water-based products, so it will be useful to make sure you keep on top of your application.

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This will also make sure that you’re keeping your skin safe, but to really ensure this you should interchange between using oil and suncream.

If You Have Access to Water, Hop In

Have you ever been on holiday and noticed that it’s always your friend that spends half of their holiday in the pool that gets the best tan? That’s because spending some time in the water can actually help you tan quickly.

Though this method may help you to tan faster, it can also make you burn faster. You should remember to use a waterproof sun cream as the water will not protect you from the UV rays.

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In fact, the water works a lot like tanning lotions in how it intensifies the rays and will make you tan a lot faster. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy spending time in the pool?

Use a Lower SPF

We only recommend that you use this technique for a small portion of your tanning time. The lower the SPF, the more likely you are to tan as it allows for a larger amount of UV rays to enter your skin.

We recommend around SPF 15 as this will still give you a level of protection while allowing the UV rays to infiltrate your skin.

Don’t use this technique constantly as you can damage your skin, this is almost recommended more for people with skin that is quite prone to tanning already, as this works more as a natural boost.

Position Yourself Right

This may seem obvious but it is easy to miss the best sunbathing opportunities. To get the best tan you should aim to be directly under the sun. The best time to sunbathe is at around noon when the sun is at its highest point and will cover more ground for you to sunbathe under.

If you’re on holiday you should make sure that you get down to the pool early and find yourself a good position. You don’t even need to be lounging to feel the sun’s full effects.

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The sun is always a great excuse to get out of the house early so take advantage of that. Just walking around in the sun will be the perfect boost for your tan.

Exfoliate Your Skin

This is a popular method among people who use spray-on tans, but it is a little known fact that exfoliating your skin before sitting out to tan helps you tan a lot faster.

This is because your body is often covered in a layer of thick dead skin, so if you get rid of this then you give yourself more of a chance of catching the rays. This will also mean that you will get a nice even tan all over your body.

To help this you should also apply a thick layer of moisturiser the night before you plan on enjoying the sun. This will help alleviate any dry skin, which once again will help you to achieve an even all-over tan.

Don’t Cover Up Too Much

You won’t get a good all over tan if you’re completely covered up. This does not mean that you have to lie in the sun naked, it is more a case of catching some sun on each individual body part.

Outfits like shorts and t-shirts are perfect for getting a good tan as it means you will get a tan on your legs and arms. Clothing like this will also keep you cool in the hot weather, we recommend getting some strapless tops as that will stop you from getting pesky tan lines.

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Use Some Natural Oils

If you’re doing some last-minute tanning, then you may not have access to shop-bought tanning oils. This is not a problem as natural oils, like coconut oil and olive oil will still make you tan just as fast as tanning oils.

These oils also contain fatty acids which are really good for your skin. An issue that comes with tanning is that it can dry out your skin, using these natural oils will moisturise your skin. This is great for combating aging, the appearance of fine lines and other potential skin issues such as eczema.


When following any of these tips, remember to stay safe. Give yourself some time to sit in the shade so that you don’t get sunburn or even heat exhaustion and sunstroke.

Always remember to drink plenty of water to keep your newly tanned skin hydrated and moisturise after your exposure to the sun.

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