How To Pick The Right Tone Of Tan For Your Skin

Most people feel better with a golden glow, but there’s no such thing as a universal tan.

Under UV rays, everyone goes a slightly different colour depending on their own skin tone, so when it comes to fake tan, it’s essential to consider what will look best.

Here’s a look at how to pick the right tone of tan for your skin, with some top tips on how to decide what will suit you.

Right Tone Of Tan for your Skin

More Than Just Colour

In the past, a deep mahogany tan was much in demand but in more recent times, the trend has moved to a lighter, golden glow.

However, deciding how deep you want to tan is only part of the decision; it’s as much about the actual tone of your colour as the depth.

If you browse through the fake tans on offer you’ll see a vast array of colours; some of these will provide a beautiful golden appearance, while others will give the dreaded orangey tinge!

A major factor in avoiding the orange appearance in knowing what your own skin tone is because it’s this which will help to determine how the fake tan ultimately looks.

Make it Easy

Although it’s helpful to know your skin tone, it can be tricky matching up a fake tan that suits your skin type. Plus there’s a myriad of other factors which can change the way the colour looks every time you apply it.

Right Tone Of TanOne easy way around the dilemma of fake tan is to choose Rio Tanning Tablets. These provide a golden glow without any messy applications and without any harmful UV rays.

Pop a pill every day and your body will naturally develop a golden glow. Because the pills work with your body, the colour you create will look as natural as if you’ve been bathing under the sun.

Cool or Warm?

If you want to stick with fake tan, you’ll need to understand your skin tone. Broadly speaking, skin tones can be split into two distinct camps: cool tones and warm tones. It’s essential to know which one your skin is as it will help you choose the right type of fake tan that looks good on you.

The traditional way to differentiate between skin tones is to look at your natural hair and eye colour. Those with light, fair hair and blue eyes are generally thought to have cool tones to their skin while those with brown and auburn hair and brown eyes typically have warm tones.

These stereotypes can hold true but they’re not accurate for everyone. One way to check whether you have warm or cool skin tones is to look at the veins on the back of your wrist. If the veins appear blue in colour then your skin tone is cool; if the veins appear to be more green, then you have a warm skin tone.

Once you know what skin tone you have, you can choose the right shade of solution for you. Cool skin tones are at the greatest risk of turning tango, so great care needs to be taken to choose a fake tan with a green base. Those with warm skin tones are likely to respond better to fake tan but will look best with one which has a violet base.

Beautiful Golden Glow

If the idea of sunless tanning tablets appeals to you, rather than applying creams and lotions you can find them here. Whatever you choose to use, a golden glow can be yours all year round!