The most popular way that people choose to tan their skin in the UK is through sunbeds. Sunbeds work through exposing your skin to UV rays. However, prolonged exposure to these rays can carry various risks and side effects.

They can cause permanent damage to the skin as well as increasing the ageing of the skin. Additionally, they can also increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Tanning tablets are designed to tan skin naturally without the use of any UV rays.

Some people assume that tanning beds and tanning tablets carry the same risks. In this article, we will give you the full details into whether these tablets can cause ageing of the skin.

A key benefit of tanning pills is that there is no UV radiation exposure whatsoever. It is well documented that long-term exposure to UV rays through sunbeds or even the sun can cause serious problems for skin and general health.

One of these potential side effects includes the ageing of skin at a faster rate. In fact, all types of UV ray exposure are linked to skin ageing. This includes both tanning beds and natural sunlight. Tans that are produced this way are actually created from damaging the skin.

These damaged skin cells tend to produce more melanin which leads to the ‘tanned’ look. The UV rays present within tanning beds can increase the risk of skin cancer; however, they can also detrimentally affect the immune system. There is still more research being conducted to research into the long-term effects of prolonged UV ray exposure.

Premature ageing is a common side effect of tanning beds, and it worsens the more someone uses them. The damage caused by constant UV radiation can lead to wrinkles, lax skin, brown spots and many more skin conditions. People who use their first tanning bed before the age of 35 increase their risk of melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer, by 75%.

Tan tablets, on the other hand, work in a completely different way. They stimulate the body’s own natural tanning process. There are no harmful UV rays involved with tanning tablets and, therefore zero risks of cancer.

Additionally, there is no ageing of skin or any harmful skin conditions related to the use of tanning tablets. Of course, every supplement has its own risk of side effects. But these are far rarer and significantly less dangerous than the ones associated with UV Rays.

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You can read about more info about the ingredients in our sunless tanning supplement in our previous article. All our ingredients are fully safe, and FDA approved. They have been rigorously tested, and the FDA have concluded that they do not cause any harmful long-term side effects.

There is documented scientific evidence that UV rays speed up skin ageing and increase the significant risk of cancer. In contrast, tanning pills do not carry these risks whatsoever.

There is little link between how UV rays cause tanning and the way in which the tablets stimulate the body’s natural mechanisms to change the skin colour in a more subtle way.

Therefore, you can be reassured that tanning tablets do not age skin.

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