For those of us that are continuously wanting that perfect tan it can be a nightmare to constantly apply fake tan or visit the local sunbeds.

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Tanning tablets have been increasing in popularity as an easier way to maintain that bronzed look as they’re a healthy alternative to UV exposure, but as they’ve increased in popularity, there have been a lot of rumours surrounding the risks.

A risk that a lot of people talk about is the potential damage to your eyesight, but should this really be something that you worry about?

The myths surrounding the damage that tanning tablets can cause comes a lot from the use of the ingredient Canthaxanthin. This is known to impair your vision and is the reason a lot of people decide not to use tanning tablets.

What people don’t realise is that this is not commonly used in many tanning pills these days and so you aren’t likely to come across the dangers that come with it.

Something that is important to remember is that not all tanning pills use the same ingredients and so they’ll all have different side effects (if they have any at all).

On the market right now there are two main ingredient varieties for the tablets. The first usually includes Copper, PABA and L-tyrosine. This is the ingredient group used in particular pills you can find on our website.

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These ingredients will not cause any damage to your eyes at all. Obviously excessive amounts of each individual ingredient will have some side effects, such as headaches or nausea. But what is important to remember is that within these pills you are only getting a small dose of each component so you won’t receive any of these side effects.

Ingredients such as PABA and L-tyrosine have even actually shown to have a lot of health benefits, PABA, in particular, is even used to help many skin conditions such as Vitiligo and Dermatomyositis.

This combination is used to promote the production of melanin, which will give your skin a natural layer of protection against the sun. This is much better for you than using tanning beds, which will actually expose you more to the damage.

Even though this type of tablet is perfectly safe, if you notice any side effects or changes to your health at all, you should stop using the pills right away.

The second most popular ingredient variety for tanning pills includes beta carotene, which is not what our pills use. Beta carotene is what gives plants and vegetables their colour.

There is not much known about the side effects of Beta carotene and so it is not recommended to be used by people who are pregnant, or even smokers as it can increase the risk of lung cancer.

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Though it is considered generally safe, tanning pills that contain a large amount of Beta carotene should not be used on a regular basis, which will be annoying if you want to keep a consistent tan.

As well as these inconsistencies, if you were to take these pills regularly you could notice some skin discoloration which once again, will be annoying if you want to keep up a nice bronzed look as it could lead to patchiness.

Overall, you really don’t have to worry about tanning pills harming your eyesight at all, but it is important to look at the ingredients of the pills you buy and the potential side effects. It is also very important to remember that when you are using new pills you should pay attention to any changes to your body and to stop if you feel as though anything is wrong.

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