There are no ingredients within any of the tanning pills that can be linked directly to your mental health and anxiety.

A lot of the ingredients used are naturally occurring and so will not trigger any changes in your brain function. Though the ingredients of the pills won’t cause any anxiety, the pills themselves may.

a woman that uses tan tablets

Once again, this has nothing to do with the ingredients, instead, it is more psychologically based on the feeling that it gives you.

Many people expect more from tanning pills than what the pills are able to achieve, if they don’t get the results that they want then they may begin to use it excessively and far more than what is recommended.

This overuse may lead to an addiction of some sort and as with any addiction, comes anxiety. This is why before using the pills you should be clear that the results will take time and will not be as bright as bottled tan or the sunbeds.

The possibility of becoming anxious really depends on your own mental health, if you are susceptible to addictions or feelings of anxiety, using supplements for aesthetic purposes may not be the best idea.

a tan female posing for the camera

Though the potential of anxiety is a small possibility, there is also the potential that using tanning pills may help with anxiety. Once again, this is not due to the ingredients, but how using tanning pills may make you feel.

The bronzed skin that comes with the use of tan tablets may also be a confidence booster, which is likely to make you feel better in a lot of social situations.

The ingredients also aid to naturally boost aspects of your health and as we know, feeling better physically can often make you feel better mentally.

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