Which is Best? Spray Tans or Tanning Tablets?

Today there are a variety of ways to acquire a suntan, some of which are safe, and others that are not.  Some tanning techniques are effective while others not so much.  Many people today give favour to tanning tablets and spray tans more so than other tanning techniques since the majority of these people feel […]

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Spray Tan Equipment Costs

Getting an all-over glow isn’t easy when the weather is miserable, but with a spray tan, you can keep a beautifully bronzed look all year round. The only problem is that the hassle of the inconvenience of going to a salon might be tricky to fit into your schedule, plus the costs can very quickly […]

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New Improved Blog

From now on we will be publishing new content each and every month regarding all areas of tanning. We are experts in all areas and not just tanning tablets. Bookmark our blog and be sure to visit back regularly. For the safest way to tan click this link.

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Tanning Tablets – Pros And Cons

Having a golden glow is guaranteed to make you look instantly healthier by providing a radiance which is hard to achieve with pale skin. Unfortunately, unless you live in a tropical climate, it can be tricky to stay tanned all year round. The good news is that there are now lots of different ways to […]

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Smelly Fake Tan and How To Avoid It

If you love a golden glow but are keen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, the chances are that you’ve used fake tan at some point. Over the years, fake tans have evolved to provide a very realistic appearance when applied properly but one thing which can still be a […]

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How To Pick The Right Tone Of Tan For Your Skin

Most people feel better with a golden glow, but there’s no such thing as a universal tan. Under UV rays, everyone goes a slightly different colour depending on their own skin tone, so when it comes to fake tan, it’s essential to consider what will look best. Here’s a look at how to pick the […]

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Why Wear Goggles When Using a Sunbed?

If you’re using a sunbed you’re probably hoping for a golden, allover tan without any telltale white bits. While that’s easy enough for your body, it can be another story when it comes to your eyes. Wearing sunbed googles can often result in the unattractive “racoon look” – not a look that anyone wants. It […]

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How to Protect Yourself from the Sun

We all know that sunlight contains very powerful ultraviolet rays (UV) which can be very detrimental to our bodies.  UV radiation can cause premature ageing of the skin, excessive wrinkles, cataracts in our eyes, and, of course, skin cancer. The extent of damage incurred from UV exposure is dependent upon the overall strength of the […]

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Wintertime Tanning

Since we are perfectly aware that you would love to maintain your tan during the cold season, we will try to meet your wishes and expectations with helpful tips. A tan can be achieved by means of several methods: either naturally through sun exposure (usually during summer), or by using artificial tanning methods, such as […]

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Artificial Tanning Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages

A tanned, golden skin is always sexy and enviable! There is no doubt about that. But how can we achieve that without direct sun exposure? This article will introduce several available methods and will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. Tanning Beds This is by far the most popular method […]

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