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January 2018 Press Release

Earlier this month we released an awesome piece of news that discussed how Rio Tanning Tablets has now been in business for 5 whole years. If you would like to read this article please check the links below.

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August 29th Press Release Spreadsheet

On the 29/8/2017 Rio released a piece of news to the world talking about how tanning tablets are a safer way to tan. For anyone interested please check the link below.

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August 29th Press Release

At the end of August we are Rio released a press release. You can check it out below.

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New Press Release Details

For anyone who is interested in reading the latest Rio Tanning Tablets press release please follow this link.

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Press Release

We have just published very informative press release. You can find it here. To read more about our amazing sunless tanning pills visit our homepage.

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Which is Best? Spray Tans or Tanning Tablets?

Today there are a variety of ways to acquire a suntan, some of which are safe, and others that are not.  Some tanning techniques are effective while others not so much.  Many people today give favour to tanning tablets and spray tans more so than other tanning techniques since the majority of these people feel […]

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Tanning Injection Dangers

Looking bronzed and beautiful is not worth risking your health for, so it’s not surprising that many people are looking for alternatives than baking in the sun. With all the dangers associated with the exposure to UV rays, it’s understandable to assume that other options such as tanning injections are the safer choice, but that’s […]

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Spray Tan Equipment Costs

Getting an all-over glow isn’t easy when the weather is miserable, but with a spray tan you can keep a beautifully bronzed look all year round. The only problem is that the hassle of inconvenience of going to a salon might be tricky to fit into your schedule, plus the costs can very quickly add […]

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New Improved Blog

From now on we will be publishing new content each and every month regarding all areas of tanning. We are experts in all areas and not just tanning tablets. Bookmark our blog and be sure to visit back regularly. For the safest way to tan click this link.

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Tanning Tablets – Pros And Cons

Having a golden glow is guaranteed to make you look instantly healthier, providing a radiance which is hard to achieve with pale skin. Unfortunately unless you live in a tropical climate, it can be tricky to stay tanned all year round. The good news is that there’s now lots of different ways to achieve a […]

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