Though they are both achieved with the help of ultraviolet (UV) rays, there is one crucial difference. When you lay in the sun, it is impossible to control the amount of UV rays your body is exposed to. Since it is a controlled environment, when using tanning beds, you can regulate the amount of UV light, thus being able to gradually increase the exposure time and ensuring that you don’t get sunburned.
This is particularly useful to those people who have a very sensitive skin or who find it very difficult to tan in the sun.

horizontal tanning bed

How often should I tan?

If you wish to achieve an amazing and durable tan, you should consider tanning regularly. In order to allow your tan to fully develop, it is advisable to wait at least 48 hours before a new session. 3-4 sessions a week should be sufficient to achieve an amazing tan. Once you get the desired tan, you can maintain it with no more than 2-3 sessions a week.

How long does it take for the result to become visible?

Normally, the results become visible after a few tanning bed sessions. However, it may take several weeks of regular tanning (3-4 sessions per week) to achieve the desired colour. If you are planning to go on a trip and you want to develop a base tan, it is advisable to start tanning 3-4 weeks before you go.

Why should I use tanning lotions?

Whether outside in the sun or in a tanning bed, the exposure to UV-rays is a stress factor for our skin and often has a drying effect. In order to maintain a health-looking skin and achieve a beautiful tan, it is crucial to use moisturizing lotions that provide the essential antioxidants and nutrients that help counteract the damaging effects of UV-rays. Lotions also have a smoothing effect on the skin’s surface layers, allowing greater UV penetration. Tanning lotions with special formulas for sunbed tanning also help to achieve a faster and darker tan.

What are bronzers and why should I use them?

Bronzers use self-tanning ingredients that add an extra boost of colour to your tanning. The main ingredient is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), an ingredient that makes the skin surface turn brown after only 2-4 hours, imitating a natural tan.

A natural tan takes around 24-48 hours to develop. Bronzers will help you get a boost of colour while the natural tan develops. People who have a fair complexion or simply want to see results right away will enjoy this rapid gratification. Bronzing products can also help to even out the skin tone and maintain a bronzed, healthy-looking glow in between sessions. Keep in mind these simple rules: wash your hands after using a bronzer, and wait at least 2 hours (for the bronzer to fully soak into your skin) before bathing or excessive sweating.

Our tips for a better sunbed tanning experience

Alternate horizontal and vertical sunbeds


If you choose vertical sunbeds, you should know that, due to the vertical position of your body, the peripheral blood circulation is weaker. As a consequence, your legs will tan slower.  Also, if you opt for horizontal devices, the blood circulation in the buttocks and shoulders areas is weaker and, as a consequence, slightly discoloured areas may appear.

Move while in the tanning device


If you use a vertical device, it is advisable to change the position of your arms periodically, thus avoiding weaker tanned areas (for example, the underarm). If you prefer the horizontal tanning beds, you need to move to avoid poor blood circulation in those areas under pressure (hips or shoulders).

Everyone knows that there are some dangers associated with the use of tanning beds. If you would like to get a sexy golden tan safely why not try our amazing tanning tablets.