Even though applying a mobile spray tan is a controlled process, it can still be improved and made to look great. Just like prior preparation is vital in ensuring you have a natural look and non-streaky tan.

It is additionally important to select a quality spray tan solution. Below are spray tan tips that will certainly make a major difference.

So, continue reading this step by step guide to discover more about getting the most from spray tan kits.

1. Exfoliate
For great results, you need to make sure your skin surface is smooth. This can be achieved by exfoliation. Chemicals used to make sunless tanning products tend to stick on dry skin as well as areas where dead skin is present and makes skin darker in these spots. Therefore if you wish to have an even colour tone, exfoliate first, before applying spray tan. Options include body scrubs, washcloths, cleansers, body wash, and chemical peels.

2. Skip The Skin Products
Taking a bath or shower with a cleansing body wash or soap is fine. However, skip the moisturisers, make-up, deodorant, and fragrances. Antiperspirants and underarm roll-on deodorants can easily react with the chemicals used in the spray tan and make the untanned areas such as under your arms looking unattractive. So for anyone about to use spray tan equipment please make sure to avoid the things above.

3. Wear Loose Clothes
It is a good idea to wear loose clothing immediately after tanning. Also, consider wearing dark colours since light or white colours are likely to stain. To prevent discolouration of fabrics, it is advisable that you wear loose-fitting clothing items.

4. Keep Your Skin Moist
Moisturise your skin on a regular basis with body cream, oil, or lotion as this prevents the tanned layer of your skin flaking off. When you moisturise the tan lasts longer. You should additionally keep your skin soft and moist since this will provide an overall great looking tan.

picture of a model getting a spray tan

The few spray tan tips mentioned above will definitely make you have an overall good experience with spray tanning. Users can help by exfoliating their skin prior to having a tanning session. Before commencing the tanning process, you might want to wear old underwear or even an old swimsuit that you would not mind staining.

Also, if you choose to spray tan, it is a good idea to moisturise and resort to using SPF regularly. SPF safeguards skin and leaves it looking beautiful and healthy. By following these simple tips, you will no doubt have a great looking tan that will last.

I get asked lots “how long does a spray tan last”. The answer is that depends on you. If you follow the tips above to make the most of your spray tan kit, your tan will last longer.

If you decide to cut corners and ignore the advice the tan will not last as long. The most you can hope for is 7-9 days. But some will start to fade at around the fifth day.

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