Artificial Tanning Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages

A tanned, golden skin is always sexy and enviable! There is no doubt about that. But how can we achieve that without direct sun exposure?

This article will introduce several available methods and will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

Tanning Beds

This is by far the most popular method for artificial tanning. Since each person’s skin is different, it is highly advisable to ask a professional for clear indications regarding the recommended exposure time and wavelength.

For some people, a 3 minutes session is more than enough for the initial exposure, while others can safely start with 5-7 minutes sessions. 10 to 12 minutes sessions can be taken only after the skin achieves a particular tanning level. However, make sure to always use UV sunscreen.

• Relatively low prices.

• Intense and long-term tanning after just a couple of sessions.

• Can be used at any time of the year.


• If abused, it may trigger cancer and other skin complications.

Organic Tanning (DHA)

It is one of the healthiest tanning methods, implying spraying a tanning solution on your body. There are absolutely no health risks from misapplication and the product application is extremely quick and easy. The spray tan will last up to a week.

Before applying this product, it is highly advisable to have your skin exfoliated. This can be perfectly done at home, especially if you do not wish to spend money at a beauty parlour.


• Quick product application.

• Intense tanning results obtained in hours.

• Healthy tanning.

• No marks are left on the skin.


• This product is somewhat expensive.

• Short-term results (it only lasts one week).

• If you fail to frequently use a good moisturizer, your skin might present spots once the effect of the product starts to disappear.

Cream Bronzers

Apart from giving an appealing golden brown look, cream bronzers are meant to conceal unequal skin pigmentation, blemishes, or spider veins.

Before applying, it is advisable to:

• Have your skin exfoliated.

• Apply a moisturizer and wait for it to dry completely.

• Remove all jewellery.

• Apply the necessary amounts of bronzer, always considering your skin’s colour variation.

• Avoid applying the product on sensitive areas (e.g. the eyes, the eyelids etc.)

The effect is usually instantaneous and lasts for 3-4 days, provided you do not have your skin exfoliated.


• It is a healthy method.

• Fast results.

• Affordable prices.


• Short-term results.

• If not applied properly, the obtained colour may be uneven.

• Depending on the brand, these products might leave marks on clothes.

Tanning Pills

If you are looking for an even, natural-like tanning, but you don’t have the time to sunbathe or go to a solarium, then tanning pills are the perfect option. Convenient, efficient and safe, tanning pills will provide you with a sexy sun-kissed look.


• A natural and safe tanning option.

• Fast and long-term results.

• Even and natural-like tanning.

• Affordable.


• Some formulas might turn your skin orange or brownish.

The formula used in our tanning pills will not turn your skin a weird shade.  Please check out our current deals on our homepage.